Renting a home in Pakistan is not a simple undertaking, according to BEST RENT & POSSESSION LAWYERS | TOP LAW FIRMS Islamabad  PAKISTAN. The owner must ensure that the leasing agreement is written to adequately safeguard both him and his assets. Additionally, he has access to a powerful local law firm that can achieve the best outcomes in the shortest period of time should he have to deal with a challenging tenant. With your tenant, we assist in creating a thorough rent/lease agreement that normally includes an annual rent increase of 10%. If you have a problematic tenant, we will vigorously advocate on your behalf and file for the tenants’ eviction and rent recovery.

The AAQ LLP is a collection of eminent solicitors and advocates. So, by bolstering our personnel, we can deal with your problem.

Additionally, we offer all overseas or non-resident Pakistanis and foreigners in Pakistan suitable property services. Therefore, if you are a foreign national, a Pakistani living abroad, or a Pakistani who does not reside in Pakistan but owns immovable property there and you are having problems with renting it out or recovering rent, etc., you can get in touch with us, and we’ll make sure that your legal work involving your property is completed correctly and that your interests are protected.

Our services will include routine property inspections to make sure the renter is not misusing the property, causing unjustified damage to the property, or utilising the property in an immoral or irregular way.

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