One of the most crucial ideas in society is possession. Possession is evidence of ownership in the legal system. Anyone attempting to evict someone must establish their ownership or a relevant legal right. On the defensive, possession is valued as highly as ownership. A person becomes the legal owner of a piece of property if they have been in adverse possession of it for 12 or more years; the original owner’s rights are then forfeited.

In possession, there are two subcategories.

(i) Actual or physical possession is possession. It is a tangible connection to something. This merely indicated a person’s physical ability to handle something in his control anyway he pleased at the exclusion of everyone else.

(ii) Possession in Law: This term refers to possession in a legal sense. It refers to a possession that is acknowledged and safeguarded by the law. The goal of law was to grant ownership, or the right to exercise a claim to the exclusive control over something, along with all the other benefits and privileges that went hand in hand with the idea of possession or physical control, to someone who did not actually have such control.

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