Our business only provides services to Pakistanis Worldwide. These legal matters are covered by the services provided:

1. Sale and purchase of residential and commercial property
2. Disputes regarding residential, commercial and agricultural property
3. Verification of property title
4. Rent Agreements
5. Obtaining birth certificate and marriage certificates
6. Legalization/Attestation of documents
7. National Tax Number registration
8. Divorce proceedings and child custody
9. Succession certificates
10. Declaration of title for legal heirs
11. Pakistani Visa for foreign nationality spouses/children
12. Power of Attorney
13. Maintaining the property with professional skills and protecting the interest of our clients.

[ ] creation of the relevant property documentation in order to safeguard our clients’ interests.

[ ] delivering a proper, thorough report each month on all services the property manager has rendered.
[ ] even periodically making a copy of the registration information to ensure that none of the official documents have been tampered with.

[ ] appointing contractors to carry out any necessary repairs or other upkeep tasks.

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