The team at AAQ LLP handles all business and corporate matters, including debt issues including a variety of securities and corporate governance, corporate finance, and securities, on behalf of both issuers and underwriters in both public and private equity. Additionally, international investors, financial institutions, and multinational corporations are offered advisory services about corporate commercial transactions. Assisting clients in takeover tenders, reviewing equity and debt capital, and acting for or on behalf of underwriters and issuers are among some more services offered.

It’s never simple to start up a business legally, and it’s considerably harder to do so when trying to incorporate a foreign stock stake. The Firm has a track record of helping its customers establish or restructure corporate organisations as well as structure their businesses in the best possible way.

The Firm handled the incorporation of numerous well-known businesses in Pakistan, many of which are currently acknowledged as industry leaders, and provides ongoing guidance to them on matters relating to corporate finance, securities, and corporate governance. A wide range of specialised legal services are provided in relation to a variety of work-related categories. The list of services is endless and includes securities, capital markets, insurance, non-banking finance companies, corporate finance, corporate governance, stock exchanges, investment, mercantile, company registration, winding up or liquidation of companies, and legal due diligence (with an emphasis on enterprise risk management). In connection with their usual legal, corporate, and/or regulatory matters, clients may additionally request high risk regulatory litigation, research, and writing services.

The specialised legal team is constantly committed to and prepared to handle a wide range of tasks in this sector, including but not limited to:

Company Formation and Incorporation:

Advisory services are offered for the formation of all types of companies, including public, private, and international entities. Additionally, assistance is offered with trust formation, social welfare organisations, and the registration of non-governmental organisations.

Through the procedures established at the Board of Investment for the foreign investor companies, branches, and liaison offices of the foreign enterprises, clients are assisted, advised, and facilitated.

Clients receiving assistance with company wind-up or liquidation proceedings receive not just legal advice but also practical legal aid.

AAQ LLP’s team of consultants provides advice to domestic and foreign clients on regulatory developments and investment regulations, including but not limited to matters relating to safe investments, safe custody of assets, clearance and settlement of trades, and listing and statutory requirements with regard to major public companies on stock exchanges;

Trade Finance:

One of the areas of great interest is providing advice on trade finance, securitization, export credits, and rescheduling and restructuring.

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